Haier Biomedical Product - Overview


-150°C Cryo Freezers / -86°C ULT Freezers / -10°C down to -60°C Biomedical Freezers / Refrigerators and Freezers for Pharmacies and Blood Banks

     WHO/PQS Certificated

Vaccine&Ice Pack Freezers / Ice-Lined Refrigerators / Solar-Powered Vaccine Refrigerators / Walk-In Cold/Freezer Rooms / Electronic Temperature Loggers

       Bio Safety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinets / Clean Benches

  Liquid Nitrogen Container

Liquid Nitrogen Containers for Storage and for Transportation / Stainless Auto Refill Systems / High Capacity Stainless Steel Liquid Nitrogen Containers

       Cryogenic Supplies

Stainless Steel Racks / Freezer Boxes / Cryogenic Vials

           CO2 Incubator

Temperature Range +3°C above Ambient to +55°C


3 Years Warranty on other Haier Biomedical Parts


Cryo Life Science Technologies GmbH


Resslstraße 9

9065 Ebenthal



T  +43 720 2710 30

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