KLF – Contact Freezer Series

KLF – Contact Freezer Series for fast freezing of plasma bags



Key Features:

  • -30°C within 30 minutes
  • FASTEST freezing cycle on the world
  • Superior freezing experience
  • Contact freezing process



Certification and Standards:

  • MEDICAL DEVICE CERTIFIED (93/42/EEC) - availabe as KLF(MD)-version registered as a Medical device

  • In compliance with the international standards to preserve the integrity of labile plasma factors



Technical Specification:

  • Core temperature / freezing time

    • For standard bags 500ml (content max. 450ml):  -30°C  approx. 30min

    • For large bags    1.000ml (content max. 850ml):  -30°C  approx. 40min

  • Start-up time (preparation time):  -60°C within 10–15 min

  • Defrosting process:  approx. 10min

  • Noise volume:  less than 65dB(A)

  • Refrigerant:  R449a (CFC/HCFC free)

  • Standard equipment

    • Compression unit with separate cold transmission from the lid and the base plate

    • Horizontal freezing process with stainless steel plates

    • Night storage control (-40°C)

    • Variable to accommodate different bag sizes and forms

    • Connection for dummy bag sensor

    • Rollable, ready-to-plug

    • Serial interface

  • Optional accessories for quality assurance and documentation

    • Evaluation and data acquisition software

    • PC-System

    • Dummy bags and sensors

    • Medical device certification



COOLSPY (Software Option)

Our product-related evaluation and data acquisition software enables e.g. temperature to be displayed graphically, stored and printed.


Following parameters are displayed:

  • Temperatures Display

    • For both of the cold plates

    • For the dummy bags

  • Storing and archiving of all automatically displayed temperatures according to

    • Data, time, user

    • Entire freezing process


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